Art in Columbus Park is a fledgling organization, a grass roots endeavor to promote the visual arts and an appreciation of artistic expression. We are located in one of the most ethnically diverse areas of Kansas City, an area that has always been an immigration "gateway" to our city. Russians, Irish, Italians, Vietnamese, and Laotians have all made Columbus Park their home upon coming to America. A public housing project, located within the geographic boundaries, expands the ethnic diversity and adds another dimension of artistic resources. The flavor of the community is diversity, both in housing stock and ethnic make-up, a community of continual change and differing cultural ethics.

Because of its diversity, there is no unifying element that taps into the rich resources our community offers. We feel the arts bridge all ethnic and cultural lines, and acts as a unifying force. It is also true that many local artists and artisans remain unrecognized and without a means for public display. Art in Columbus Park was formed to be a resource for local artists and a forum for recognized artists to share their knowledge and expertise.